JMeter Advanced

  7 hours

JMeter Fundamentals

  7 hours

JMeter Fundamentals and JMeter Advanced

  14 hours

Web Application Performance Testing with JMeter

  7 hours

Web Application Testing with Selenium and JMeter

  35 hours

It made me lose my fear to Meter as a substitute of HP Performance Center.

Juan Castillo [JMeter Fundamentals and JMeter Advanced]

Super content, great teaching attitude, amazingly fast & accurate knowledge sharing.

Jakub Dering [JMeter Fundamentals and JMeter Advanced]

I found the trainer made the course very interesting.

Cameron Taylor [Web Application Performance Testing with JMeter]

I liked the good fast pace of the training, and if we were stuck we would then slow down and delve into the subject more before moving on. This allowed us to get a lot of information in the small time. We also covered issues/differences between Mac and Windows which is very useful if we need to use different types of computers (I use both Mac and Windows). I liked the fact that we would follow along on our computers the actions our trainer was performing, then we would verify we had the same/similar results to confirm what we did was correct.

Joanne Hensman - SimplyHealth Profession [Web Application Performance Testing with JMeter]

Its simplified approach and its inept coverage was exactly what I was looking for, I've taken away a lot of useful information which I intend to utilize on my current project.

Ibe Dike [JMeter Fundamentals]

Very well explained.

- Roche [Web Application Performance Testing with JMeter]

Personalized one on one training. Trainer was really engaging and easy going. Got what I wanted to learn from the session.

- CIBC [Web Application Performance Testing with JMeter]

It was great to not only have an expert on the topic but a professional trainer who was able to read his audience (admittedly of just one) and adjust his emphasis accordingly

Emmitt Howell - Jacobs Technology [Web Application Performance Testing with JMeter]

The new features knowledge and explanation was good,

QA Ltd [JMeter Fundamentals and JMeter Advanced]

Łukasz was incredibly patient despite the restrictions in working remotely and also after the technical difficulties we had on the morning of day one. I feel that the atmosphere that was created despite the challenges was friendly and enabled the varying degrees a ability in the room to follow the material.

Ordnance Survey [JMeter Fundamentals and JMeter Advanced]

Luke explained the basics really well and I now feel empowered to introduce jmeter tests to my current test plans

Ordnance Survey [JMeter Fundamentals and JMeter Advanced]

Yes. Luke seemed to have through knowledge on the subject and his style of teaching is appropriate. However, face to face training would have been more interactive. I would recommend Luke!

Ordnance Survey [JMeter Fundamentals and JMeter Advanced]

Gained decent understanding of JMeter and how can apply this to my work.

Ordnance Survey [JMeter Fundamentals and JMeter Advanced]

The trainer was very knowledgable and I found the pace and course content very useful. I liked being able to go through the examples on my own machine whilst the trainer was explaining.

Ordnance Survey [JMeter Fundamentals and JMeter Advanced]

Overall the topics covered were all interesting and I appreciated that the syllabus was altered to our needs.

Tomas Pavelka - KBC Bank [JMeter Advanced]

I really liked that the lecture was making constantly sure to answer all our questions. Also i had a feeling i could ask any question , even if it sounded stupid. Everything was shown on examples, sometimes followed by a drawing which really helped me to understand better. Lecture sounded very friendly and we even laughed few times. I could understand every single word well (i am not a native speaker). In general, i was very satisfied.

Martin Stancl - KBC Bank [JMeter Advanced]

Łukasz has thorough understanding of concepts of Jmeter as well as Java.Some of the tips and tricks shared by him were really good and will help us in long run.Various feature of Jmeter which he explained were not known to us.We can now make performance scripts / projects with more certainty and knowledge

Rachana Mulye - Simplyhealth [JMeter Advanced]

Good pace throughout and a great introduction to using JMeter

Christian Bishop - QA Ltd [Web Application Performance Testing with JMeter]

The content and organization of the training was great, the trainer had in depth knowledge of the tool and concepts and could clearly communicate the same during the training.

Workday [Web Application Performance Testing with JMeter]

The coach reminded me that you need to enjoy every moment. After training, I ran in the rain and cried with happiness. I believed in myself. Joy spreads through me when I look into the future. Wet, cold, I fell ill with acute pneumonia, but thanks to the known Jmeter techniques, I was able to generate so much burden on the disease that she retreated within 70 minutes. The doctors were amazed! Newspapers and journalists from all over the world have arrived! Even the famous cyclist Janusz River came and congratulated me on my recovery. And if that was not enough, I got a medal for a civic attitude and a family monthly ticket on the RadzyminSiemiatycze Śląskie relationship. I highly recommend it to everyone.


Clear and understandable transfer of knowledge. Establishing a contact

Piotr Michałowski [JMeter Fundamentals and JMeter Advanced]

The shared material to be able to practice

- Data Tools S.A [Fundamentos Bàsicos de JMeter]

I was able to get knowledge of other tools has Jmeter like the Times, simulating a bug.

Angie Tatiana Soto Soto - Data Tools S.A [Fundamentos Bàsicos de JMeter]

Jorge had knowledge and clarified the doubts

Ximena Lozano - Data Tools S.A [Fundamentos Bàsicos de JMeter]

Analytical discussion on practical issues

- 亚帝文 [JMeter Fundamentals]

Jmeter's combing about advanced content, the use of plugins, and the report display section. And how to analyze the part of the problem

Nicole Du - 亚帝文 [JMeter Fundamentals]

Covered a very broad range or items and useful real world examples. Very thorough, engaging and well presented.

  [JMeter Fundamentals and JMeter Advanced]

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