Course Outline

Performance Testing Fundamentals

  • Stress testing
  • Load testing
  • Soak testing
  • Running multiple threads
  • Setting rump-up period
  • Threads and users

Distributed Testing

  • Configuring servers
  • Gathering results

Submitting Forms

  • Extracting form ID or checksums
  • Recording forms with a JMeter proxy server

Managing Sessions

  • Session managers
  • Session per thread

Load Distribution

  • Gaussian Random Timer

Other Resources and Load Time

  • Images
  • JMeter and HTTP headers

Analysing and Interpreting Load Test Results

  • Statistics available from JMeter
  • Sample, Average, Median, Deviation, Throughput
  • Response time graphs
  • Interpreting statistical results
  • Finding the bottlenecks


Participant should know how to create or record a test plan in JMeter.

  7 Hours


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