Course Outline



  • What is Selenium Tool
  • Use of Selenium tool in automation
  • Features of Selenium Tool


  • Difference between Selenium and other tools
  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium Web Driver
  • Selenium Grid
  • Selendriod introduction


  • Install Eclipse IDE (preferrable Mars version)
  • Install/Validate Java JDK 1.7 and Higher
  • Install Plug-ins (TestNG, Maven, etc.)
  • Install Selenium (latest stablized version)
  • Install all/required Browser Drivers
  • Install all supported libraries, drivers, jars, plug-ins, etc.


  • Configure class path/path for system and user level
  • Configure eclipse with all needed libraries, Java
  • Configure IE Devtool, FireBug, Firepath, etc. with browsers

Begin Sample Test

  • Languages supported in Selenium
  • Record and Run the script in Selenium IDE
  • Write and Run the script in Selenium Web Driver
  • View and Analyze Test Results

Using Selenium

  • What is Synchronization
  • How to put validations (asset, verify)
  • How to launch browser and application/URL
  • How to configure browser parameters using custom code
  • Working with Java with Selenium (class, package, OOPs, etc.)
  • Understanding DOM
  • How to identify objects/elements using selenium

Handling windows

  • How to read text/values from Web Page
  • How to enter values into elements/objects
  • Working with DOM Objects (buttons, links, select, choose, tables, etc.)
  • How to select/choose value(s) using list/comboxbox
  • How to select/choose check box/radio button
  • How to hanlde mouse, key board events
  • Implementation of exception handling in selenium
  • How to handle multiple browsers
  • Handling Alerts
  • Handling windows alerts using AutoIT

Data Driven Tests

  • What is data driven testing
  • Parameterizing the test scripts using excel
  • Read, Write the data into/from excel
  • Working with CSV, XLS, Flat files and DB


  • What is TestNG
  • Create TestNG.XML file / Test / TestSuite
  • Integrate with Selenium scripts
  • Run from TestNG
  • Run from TestNG
  • TestNG Annotations
  • Tags in TestNG.XML file
  • Working with Groups


  • Introduction to Page Object Model Framework
  • Introduction to Page Object Model Framework
  • Using properties file


  • Introduction
  • Implementation in selenium
  • Generating log files and analyze


  • Introduction
  • Creating MAVEN project
  • Configuring with selenium and java
  • Build/Run the build


  • Introduction
  • Remote Web Driver
  • Configuring Hub
  • Configuring Node
  • Running scripts on remote computer / parallel execution

Converting Project

  • What is project conversion
  • How to convert Java project into Maven and Vice-versa

Automation Framework

  • Introduction to Automation Frameworks
  • Types of frameworks and benefits
  • Working with extended programming (Java)


  • How to build automation frameworks
  • Understanding test automation approach




  • JMeter features
  • Performance testing

Preparing a test

  • Requirements and expectations
  • Tips for getting better results

Components overview

  • Test Plan
  • Thread Group
  • Sampler
  • Logic Controller
  • Listener
  • Timer
  • Assertion
  • Configuration Element
  • The order of execution

Good practices

  • Embedded resources
  • Cache
  • Recording think times
  • Running from command line


  • Creating
  • Using
  • Extracting
  • Viewing


  • Preparing
  • Using
  • Creating


  • Using
  • Creating


  • Web application forms
  • HTTP basic authentication


  • Generating report dashboard
  • Real-time results

Distributed Testing

  • Running from command line

Extending functionality

  • Plug-ins
  • Custom code


Testing Professional with working knowledge of Manual Testing, Overview on Test Automation& Object Oriented Programming concepts (preferable Java)

  35 Hours


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