Deep Learning with Keras

  21 hours

Advanced Deep Learning with Keras and Python

  14 hours

Deep Learning for Self Driving Cars

  21 hours

It was very interactive and more relaxed and informal than expected. We covered lots of topics in the time and the trainer was always receptive to talking more in detail or more generally about the topics and how they were related. I feel the training has given me the tools to continue learning as opposed to it being a one off session where learning stops once you've finished which is very important given the scale and complexity of the topic.

Jonathan Blease [Artificial Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Deep Thinking]

The topic is very interesting.

Wojciech Baranowski [Introduction to Deep Learning]

Trainers theoretical knowledge and willingness to solve the problems with the participants after the training.

Grzegorz Mianowski [Introduction to Deep Learning]

Topic. Very interesting!.

Piotr [Introduction to Deep Learning]

Exercises after each topic were really helpful, despite there were too complicated at the end. In general, the presented material was very interesting and involving! Exercises with image recognition were great.

Dolby Poland Sp. z o.o. [Introduction to Deep Learning]

I think that if training would be done in polish it would allow the trainer to share his knowledge more efficient.

Radek [Introduction to Deep Learning]

The global overview of deep learning.

Bruno Charbonnier [Advanced Deep Learning]

The exercises are sufficiently practical and do not need high knowledge in Python to be done.

Alexandre GIRARD [Advanced Deep Learning]

Doing exercises on real examples using Eras. Italy totally understood our expectations about this training.

Paul Kassis [Advanced Deep Learning]

We have gotten a lot more insight in to the subject matter. Some nice discussion were made with some real subjects within our company.

Sebastiaan Holman [Machine Learning and Deep Learning]

The training provided the right foundation that allows us to further to expand on, by showing how theory and practice go hand in hand. It actually got me more interested in the subject than I was before.

Jean-Paul van Tillo [Machine Learning and Deep Learning]

I really enjoyed the coverage and depth of topics.

Anirban Basu [Machine Learning and Deep Learning]

The deep knowledge of the trainer about the topic.

Sebastian Görg [Introduction to Deep Learning]

way of conducting and example given by the trainer

ORANGE POLSKA S.A. [Machine Learning and Deep Learning]

Possibility to discuss the proposed issues yourself

ORANGE POLSKA S.A. [Machine Learning and Deep Learning]

Communication with lecturers

文欣 张 [Artificial Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Deep Thinking]

like it all

lisa xie [Artificial Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Deep Thinking]

In-depth coverage of machine learning topics, particularly neural networks. Demystified a lot of the topic.

Sacha Nandlall [Python for Advanced Machine Learning]

Big and up-to-date knowledge of leading and practical application examples.

- ING Bank Śląski S.A. [Introduction to Deep Learning]

A lot of exercises, very good cooperation with the group.

Janusz Chrobot - ING Bank Śląski S.A. [Introduction to Deep Learning]

work on colaborators,

- ING Bank Śląski S.A. [Introduction to Deep Learning]

It was obvious that the enthusiasts of the presented topics were leading. Used interesting examples during exercise.

- ING Bank Śląski S.A. [Introduction to Deep Learning]

I was benefit from the passion to teach and focusing on making thing sensible.

Zaher Sharifi - GOSI [Advanced Deep Learning]

The informal exchanges we had during the lectures really helped me deepen my understanding of the subject

- Explore [Deep Reinforcement Learning with Python]

lots of information, all questions ansered, interesting examples

A1 Telekom Austria AG [Deep Learning for Telecom (with Python)]

having access to the notebooks to work through

Premier Partnership [Python for Advanced Machine Learning]

The trainers knowledge of the topics he was teaching.

Premier Partnership [Python for Advanced Machine Learning]

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