Basic MATLAB Programming

  21 hours

Introduction to Image Processing using Matlab

  28 hours

MATLAB Fundamentals

  21 hours

Matlab for Finance

  14 hours

MATLAB Fundamentals + MATLAB for Finance

  35 hours

Introduction to Machine Learning with MATLAB

  21 hours

MATLAB Programming

  14 hours

Simulation of Wireless Communication Systems using MATLAB

  35 hours

Matlab for Deep Learning

  14 hours

MATLAB Fundamentals, Data Science & Report Generation

  35 hours

Matlab for Predictive Analytics

  21 hours

Matlab for Prescriptive Analytics

  14 hours

Octave not only for programmers

  21 hours

Python for Matlab Users

  14 hours

Simulink® for Automotive System Design Advanced Level

  14 hours

Simulink® for Automotive System Design

  28 hours

Trainer took the initiative to cover additional content outside our course materials to improve our learning.

Chia Wu Tan - SMRT Trains Ltd [MATLAB Programming]

Exercises were most beneficent thing in the sessions

- Halcon Systems [MATLAB Programming]

Teaching style and ability of the trainer to overcome unforeseen obstacles and adopt to circumstances. Broad knowledge and experience of the trainer

ASML [Python for Matlab Users]

Overall good intro to Python. The format of using Jupyter notebook and live examples on the projector was good for following along with the exercises.

ASML [Python for Matlab Users]

Hands on experience.

Matevz Nolimal - European Investment Bank [MATLAB Programming]

Many useful exercises, well explained

Helene Meadows - European Investment Bank [MATLAB Programming]

Students interact to solve problems

- 东风康明斯 [MATLAB Programming]


chengyang cai - 东风康明斯 [MATLAB Programming]

Alternation theory / practice effective!

- CIRAD [Introduction au Machine Learning avec MATLAB]

Progressive presentation and application of methods

Aurélien Briffaz - CIRAD [Introduction au Machine Learning avec MATLAB]

Availability and adaptability, answers to questions

Jean-Michel MEOT - CIRAD [Introduction au Machine Learning avec MATLAB]

Issues discussed, exercises carried out (examples), atmosphere of training, contact with the trainer, location.

- Wojskowe Zakłady Uzbrojenia S.A. w Grudziądzu [Octave nie tylko dla programistów]

His deep knowledge about the subject

  [MATLAB Fundamentals, Data Science & Report Generation]

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