Course Outline


Simple calculations

  • Starting Octave, Octave as a calculator, built-in functions

The Octave environment

  • Named variables, numbers and formatting, number representation and accuracy, loading and saving data 

Arrays and vectors

  • Extracting elements from a vector, vector maths

Plotting graphs

  • Improving the presentation, multiple graphs and figures, saving and printing figures

Octave programming I: Script files

  • Creating and editing a script, running and debugging scripts,

Control statements

  • If else, switch, for, while

Octave programming II: Functions

Matrices and vectors

  • Matrix, the transpose operator, matrix creation functions, building composite matrices, matrices as tables, extracting bits of matrices, basic matrix functions

Linear and Nonlinear Equations

More graphs

  • Putting several graphs in one window, 3D plots, changing the viewpoint, plotting surfaces, images and movies,

 Eigenvectors and the Singular Value Decomposition

 Complex numbers

  • Plotting complex numbers,

 Statistics and data processing

 GUI Development


  • Basic concept of undergraduate-level mathematical knowledge such as linear algebra, probablilty theory and statistics, as well as matrix
  • Basic computer operations
  • Preferably basic concept of another high-level programming language, such as C, PASCAL, FORTRAN, or BASIC, but not essential
  21 Hours


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