Oracle 11g - Application Tuning - Workshop

  28 hours

Oracle 12c database administration

  28 hours

Oracle 18c Migration Strategy

  14 hours

Migrating to Oracle Web Forms

  14 hours

Oracle PaaS

  14 hours

Oracle Database 21c Administration

  28 hours

Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM)

  28 hours

SQL Fundamentals

  14 hours

ORACLE PL/SQL Fundamentals

  21 hours

ORACLE SQL Fundamentals

  14 hours

Oracle SQL Language

  14 hours

Oracle SQL for beginners

  21 hours

Oracle SQL Advanced

  14 hours

Oracle 11g - SQL language for administrators - workshops

  21 hours

Oracle 11g - SQL language for developers - Workshop

  35 hours

Oracle 11g - Programming with PL / SQL I - Workshops

  28 hours

Oracle SQL Intermediate - Data Extraction

  14 hours

SQL Advanced level for Analysts

  21 hours

Migrating Oracle to Azure SQL or PostgreSQL

  7 hours

Very high competence of the trainer!!.

Heino Eilers [Oracle 11g - Programming with PL / SQL I - Workshops]

Trainer provided some topic and support it with plenty of exercises. We had a chance to apply knowledge by doing them on our own.

UBS Business Solutions Poland Sp. z o.o. [Oracle SQL Intermediate]

I enjoyed the access to trainers individual support in resolving exercises.

Tomasz Czornak [Oracle SQL Intermediate]

Good atmosphere during the training.

clovis Nebouet [Oracle 11g - SQL language for developers - Workshop]

The trainer, he was knowledgeable, engaging, and easy to learn from. He encouraged a lot of hands-on learning.

Shawn McAndrew [SQL Fundamentals]

I like fact, that after each section we had exercises. It helps to remember discussed topic.

Adam Bińczycki [Oracle 11g - SQL language for developers - Workshop]

I learned a LOOOOOT.

Kamil Szmid [SQL Fundamentals]

very logical and step by step but not too much

Anne Homer - States of Jersey [SQL Fundamentals]

I enjoyed the flexibility to explore different areas outside the set training materials.

- BMW Group [SQL Fundamentals]


Artur Bryś - Centrum Innowacji ProLearning [SQL Fundamentals]

Phil was incredibly knowledgeable, worked at our pace and took the time to talk us through multiple ways of doing different queries. He consistently took the time throughout the sessions to check both myself and my colleague were on board with what was being discussed, no question was too big/too small. This was my first time taking a training course remotely and I'm completely sold on it - Phil is a credit to you.

Chris Teasdale - Openreach [SQL Fundamentals]

Pace of the training and detail of content was perfect for a virtual session

Chris Hopton - Openreach [SQL Fundamentals]

The exercise

Federal Demographic Council [Oracle SQL for beginners]

the exercises

Amna AlAli - Federal Demographic Council [Oracle SQL for beginners]

The explanation are very clear and the exercises help understand better

Federal Demographic Council [Oracle SQL for beginners]


Mariam Karmostaji - Federal Demographic Council [Oracle SQL for beginners]

the trainer was very helpful , the pace of the training was really good and the exercises weren't too hard, also not too easy. whenever I got stuck he helped me out very well and made sure I understood everything.

Jade Stappaerts - KULeuven [Oracle SQL Language]

The variety of exercises and presentation, so we had time to deepen every section before the next started. Also, very good the focus on the participants.

Philine Mitrea - Greentube IES GmbH [SQL Fundamentals]

What I like most about the training are the exercises which really helps me to learn about basic SQL.

Maverick Ivan Oreste - BOSCH SERVICE SOLUTIONS INC. [SQL Fundamentals]

knowledge and translations

Jan Maksymowski [Oracle 11g - Język SQL dla administratorów - warsztaty]

Substantive preparation, attention to detail

Sebastian Łubik [SQL Fundamentals]

Complete knowledge of the lecturer.

Bogusław Stanek [Oracle SQL - poziom średniozaawansowany]

A lot of exercises with different levels of difficulty and individual approach of the trainer to each participant

Agnieszka Cybula [Oracle SQL - poziom średniozaawansowany]

It is difficult to assess the very consistent training. Everything was liked

Damian Ostrega [Oracle 11g - Strojenie Aplikacji - warsztaty]

A large number of exercises

Wojciech Kozioł [Oracle SQL - poziom średniozaawansowany]

individual and patient approach to each question / problem and understandable explanation / translation / solution

Grzegorz Krzeczek [Oracle SQL dla początkujących]

Possibility to ask questions, adjust the pace to the needs, focus on those elements that from the participants' point of view are the most interesting / needed / difficult.

Aleksandra Wójtowicz [Oracle SQL dla początkujących]

Communicativeness, broad subject knowledge, openness to questions beyond the training program

Michał Woźny [Oracle SQL dla początkujących]

Quality of training, and explanation of approach methods to issues

Blazej Baron [Oracle SQL - poziom średniozaawansowany]

A lot of practical examples.

Paweł Miązek [Oracle 11g - Język SQL dla programistów - warsztaty]


Andrzej Kozak [Oracle SQL dla początkujących]

Other regions in the UAE


Oracle Consulting