Advanced Spring Boot

  14 hours

Angular and Spring Boot

  14 hours

Apache Camel and Spring Boot

  14 hours

Spring Boot for Beginners

  14 hours


  21 hours

Spring Boot, React, and Redux

  14 hours

practice and installation and use of derivative components needed for training (mysql, tomcat etc.)

Grzegorz Winiarski [Programowanie w języku Java]

communicative way of conducting, simple and understandable language, translation to effect

Agata Wodecka-Barejko [Programowanie w języku Java]

His very good knowledge and experience.

Jérémy Coppe [Java Programming]

The exercises were great.

Piotr Paprzycki [Programowanie w języku Java]

An individual approach to the listener by the host. Patience and broad knowledge of the host.

Damian Karbowski [Programowanie w języku Java]

the ability to solve your own problems, solution hints

Anna Klonowska [Programowanie w języku Java]

Live sessions and adjusting the program to expectations

Marek Rodkiewicz [Java Advanced]

Benchmarking GC

Marek Mrowca [Java Performance Tuning]

Knowledge of the teacher and comparison

Katarzyna Kępka [Java Performance Tuning]

Theoretical and practical knowledge, detailed discussion of the subject, contact with the teacher.

Mariusz Klajnert [Java Performance Tuning]

The teacher's passion and willingness to share knowledge.


I liked how the trainer explained the subject. Providing real life example is beneficial.

Rhearose Holonowicz [Java Programming]

Comparing strictly technical abstract problems with reality. Translating what you can see in the normal world into the programming language

Paweł Koniec [Programowanie w języku Java]

I really liked the Crypto part

Carlos Ibarra [Avanzado Java, JEE y Seguridad de Aplicaciones Web]

I liked the very practical scenario and lot of hands-on exercises.

Michel PRAYAG [Java fundamentals with Maven]

I liked the high number of exercises.

  [Unit Testing with JUnit]

I genuinely liked the real world scenarios.

Michail Alvanos [Java and Web Application Security]

I genuinely liked the organization.

Panagiotis Foutros [Java and Web Application Security]

Very good knowledge and character.

Constantinos Michael [Java and Web Application Security]

I mostly enjoyed the lambda expressions.

HSBC Service Delivery (Polska) Sp. z o.o. [Java Programming]

The first part, the one concerning the basic mechanisms.

Andrea Gazzarini - @Cult srl [Vert.x: Build a Reactive application on JVM]

Very friendly and helpful trainer, kept asking if anyone needed any help.

Assim Ali - MHT Technology Ltd [Java Programming]

The OWASP overview, especially slides with the specific examples of attacks. OWASP Zap tool.

- Corvil [Secure Developer Java (Inc OWASP)]

I saw some security risk being easier to use than I expected It helped us to find some security holes in our Product

- Corvil [Secure Developer Java (Inc OWASP)]

Though an online training, the interactivity with the trainer was remarkable and was always available to provide valuable sources to complement the training. I am very satisfied.

Nuno Marques - MULTICERT, S.A. [Functional Reactive Programming with Java 9 and RxJava]

the exercises

AFRINIC Ltd. [Java Intermediate and Advanced ]

Trainer willing to prepare the hands on materials based on request during the training.

Kim Loong Lee - Intergraph Process, Power & Marine [Java Fundamentals]

The exercises

Florin Mazilu - Unicredit Business Services S.C.p.A. Milano, Sucursala Bucuresti [Unit Testing with JUnit]

Trainer is very well prepared and accommodate for the training topics to suit our needs.

Intergraph Process, Power & Marine [Java Fundamentals]

Marcin Kowalczyk []

Dariusz Stefańczyk []


Maciej Mendela []

Dariusz Stefańczyk [Java Intermediate and Advanced ]

Very professional training, it did help a lot that the trainer is skilled in the programing language.

Cosmin Rechisan - Aptiv Technology Services & Solutions [Java Programming]

Very professional and skilled trainer.

Cosmin Rechisan - Aptiv Technology Services & Solutions [Java Fundamentals]


The methods which we can use to significantly improve the performance of our java applications.

AquaQ Analytics [Java Performance ]

-code examples really helped with understanding -Fulvio came across as very knowledgeable and explained everything thoroughly

Paul Doherty - AquaQ Analytics [Java Performance ]

Trainer was good at talking through topics in details and making it easy to understand

Lewis Nangle - AquaQ Analytics [Java Performance ]

Hatef's wide knowledge

infeurope S.A. [Java Fundamentals]

Agencja Restrukturyzacji i Modernizacji Rolnictwa []

I liked the high number of exercises.

  [Unit Testing with JUnit]



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