Course Outline


  • Introduction to Microservices with Spring Boot
  • Overview of Spring Boot
  • Introduction to Web services

Spring Boot

  • Setting up IDE for a Spring Boot project
  • Understanding Spring Boot features
  • Using embedded servers
  • Exploring Spring Boot actuator
  • Using Spring Boot DevTools

Restful Web Service

  • Overview of REST
  • Working with path variables
  • Working with request params
  • Using the POST method
  • Using the GET method
  • Exception handling
  • Using the DELETE method
  • Content negotiation
  • Using data filtering for RESTful services
  • Using API versioning

Spring Data JPA

  • Overview of JPA
  • Setting up JPA
  • Creating employee POST methods
  • Getting employee data from the database
  • Deleting employee data from the database
  • Converting the H2 database to the MYSQL database

Spring Security

  • Overview of Spring security
  • Okta registration and configuration
  • API gateway security
  • Order service security
  • Testing Spring security

Unit Testing

  • Configuring order service for testing
  • Creating a test method
  • Test verification
  • Implementing setup methods


  • Overview of Docker
  • Setting up Docker
  • Using Docker


  • Overview of Kubernetes components and architecture
  • Configuring and using Kubernetes

CI/CD Pipeline

  • Overview of CI/CD
  • Creating artifact registry
  • Creating VM instances
  • Using Jenkins pipeline

Summary and Next Steps


  • Java development experience
  • Experience with Spring Framework


  • Java Developers
  21 Hours


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