Course Outline


Apache Dubbo Overview

  • What is Apache Dubbo?
  • Apache Dubbo features

Preparing the Development Environment

  • Installing and configuring Apache Dubbo

Apache Dubbo Quick Start

  • Defining service interfaces
  • Exposing services
  • Configuring the logging system
  • Referencing a remote service

Developing the Application

  • Using Maven
  • Building source code
  • Working with SPIs and SPI extensions

Testing the Application

  • Writing test scripts
  • Testing with unit tests
  • Testing with integration tests


  • Deploying through Maven
  • Separating and deploying back-end and front-end applications
  • Working with service search
  • Implementing service governance


  • Handling service errors

Summary and Conclusion


  • Java programming experience


  • Software Developers
  • System Administrators
 14 Hours

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