Course Outline


  • Overview and best practices for building modern serverless applications
  • Overview of AWS services that support event-driven design for serverless applications

API-Driven Development

  • Overview of standard request/response API-based web applications
  • Using Amazon API Gateway for serverless applications
  • Comparing different API types
  • Setting up an HTTP API endpoint integrated with a Lambda function

Authentication, Authorization, and Access Control

  • Authentication and authorization comparison
  • Authenticating to APIs using API Gateway
  • Using Amazon Cognito

Serverless Deployment Frameworks

  • Understanding imperative and declarative programming for infrastructure as code
  • CloudFormation, AWS CDK, Amplify, and AWS SAM frameworks comparison

Amazon EventBridge and Amazon SNS

  • Using asynchronous event sources
  • Amazon EventBridge features and use cases
  • Building a custom EventBridge bus and rule
  • Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) and EventBridge use cases comparison

Using Queues and Streams on Event-Driven Deployment

  • Using queues and streams as event sources for Lambda
  • Using Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) or Amazon Kinesis Data Streams as event sources for Lambda

Writing Lambda Functions

  • Overview of the Lambda lifecycle and using best practices for writing Lambda functions
  • Configuring a Lambda function
  • Handling errors

Using AWS Step Functions

  • Using AWS step functions in serverless architectures
  • Standard and express workflow comparison
  • Direct integration of step functions

Observability and Monitoring of Serverless Application

  • Understanding the three pillars of observability
  • Writing and interpreting log files
  • Using Amazon CloudWatch logs
  • Using AWS X-Ray for observability

Securing Serverless Applications

  • Serverless application security best practices
  • API Gateway, Lambda, and application security
  • Protecting data in a serverless data storage
  • Auditing

Scaling Serverless Applications

  • Using API gateway for scale management
  • Scaling using Lambda concurrency
  • Scaling different event sources with Lambda

Deployment Pipeline Automation

  • Using CI/CD in serverless applications
  • Using tools in a serverless pipeline
  • Using AWS SAM features for serverless deployments
  • Automation best practices


Summary and Next Steps


  • An understanding of the basics of AWS cloud architecture
  • Knowledge of AWS Lambda


  • Developers
  21 Hours

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