Course Outline


Overview of Axway API Gateway Features and Architecture

  • API gateway platform
  • Core services and features
  • API Gateway tools

Installing Axway API Gateway

  • Download and installation
  • Managing user access

Getting Started with Axway API Gateway

  • Server configuration
  • Creating a new domain
  • Services and clustering setup

Designing an API Gateway System

  • Policy development
  • System analysis and planning
  • Infrastructure interaction, transactions, and legs

Managing an API Gateway

  • API gateway actions
  • Settings management
  • Backup and recovery

Establishing a Secure API Gateway

  • Encryption, certificates, and keys
  • Hiding sensitive data
  • API firewalling
  • Running on privileged ports and FIPS mode

Deploying API Gateway Configuration

  • Creating a project
  • Deployment configuration and actions
  • Zero downtime deployment

Monitoring Services in API Gateway Manager

  • Real-time monitoring (traffic, messages, performance)
  • Storing metrics in a database


Summary and Conclusion


  • Working knowledge of API development
  • Experience with infrastructure operations


  • Developers
  • Administrators
  7 Hours


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