Course Outline


Overview of Microservices

  • Container concepts
  • Characteristics and benefits of microservices

Overview of Microsoft Azure Service Fabric (ASF) Architecture

  • The Service fabric cluster

Orchestrating and deploying containers with ASF

  • Service Fabric Explorer
  • Design-time concepts
  • Run-time concepts

Getting Started with ASF

  • Working with Visual Studio and ASF SDK
  • Creating an ASF cluster

Creating an Application

  • Upgrading an application
  • Using the Cluster Resource Manager

Implementing Stateless and Stateful Services

  • Stateless vs stateful services
  • Implementing stateless and stateful services concurrently
  • Using Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) Services

Managing the Application Lifecycle

  • Understanding workflows and service network communication
  • Deployment options

Reliable Services Framework 

  • Choosing a communication stack
  • Remoting and non-Microsoft services

Reliable Actor Framework

  • Understanding The Actor Design Pattern
  • Threading and concurrency
  • Garbage collection
  • Failover

Deploying the Application

  • Local vs cloud deployments
  • Depoying to other clouds (AWS, etc.)

Debugging the Application

  • Using system health reports to monitor the application


Summary and Conclusion


  • Experience with application development
  • .Net programming experience
  21 Hours


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