Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction

  • SQL Definition
  • SQL Capabilities
  • Standards of SQL
  • SQL uses

    Module 2: SQL Query Commands

  • Table Create [Data Type, Table Format, Key Format]
  • Insert Data [Single record to multiple records]
  • Insert Into [Single record to multiple records]
  • Select Statement
  • Select Statements with Conditions
  • Select Statements with Sub Query

Module 3 - Querying with Unions

  • Rule and application of Union
  • Rule and application of Union all

Module 4 – Calculate and compute

  • Using special query such as:
  1. SUM
  2. AVE
  3. MIN
  4. MAX
  5. Other computation procedures to extract data

Module 5 – Entity Relationship diagram

  • Table Relationship
  • How to properly breakdown a single table to multiple table
  • Create tables with relationship
  • How to improve performance of selecting data by using ERD

Module 6 - Table Joins with 2

  • Full Join Tables
  • Inner Join Tables
  • Left Join Tables
  • Right Join Tables

Module 7 – Combination of Joins

  • Using 3 or more table with mix joins (left, right, full, inner)
  • Guidelines to follow when joining multiple tables

Module 8 - SQL Transactions

  • What is an SQL Transaction?
  • Uses of SQL Transaction
  1. SQL Transaction when selecting data
  2. SQL Transaction, roll back and commit
  • SQL Transaction ACID property


  • There will be hands on exercises for every module that will be completed to test the understanding of the proponents on the topics.
  • Power Point Slides will be given after the end of the Training
  • SQL Queries from the lesson will be given after the end of the Training
  • An unanswered and answered version of the exercise will be given after the end of the training.


SQL: Fundamentals of Querying or equivalent knowledge.

  14 Hours


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