Course Outline


Overview of the Front-End Development Cycle

  • Front-end versus back-end
  • PHP logic, CSS templates, and HTML templates

Wordpress and the styling process

  • Modules and functions used in Wordpress to style web applications

Bootstrap and UI libraries

  • Processes and modules used in Bootstrap to create web applications

Preparing the Development Environment

  • Creating and managing a version control system (GitHub, GitLab, etc.)
  • Organizing a folder directory
  • Installing and configuring Bootstrap
  • Creating the files necessary to build the template

Functionalizing the Theme

  • Editing the style.css
  • Editing the functions.php

Structuring the Theme

  • Editing all .php files
  • Introducing Nav components

Integrating Wordpress

  • Re-editing all .php files to let Wordpress plugins manage the theme data

Creating interactive widgets for the Wordpress Theme

  • Registiring sidebar components wrapped with CSS elements
  • Integrating the sidebar components to the main template file

Viewing the Theme

  • Locating with Wordpress administration appearance options


Summary and Conclusion


  • PHP programming experience


  • Developers
  14 Hours


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