Course Outline


COBOL Fundamentals

  • What is COBOL?
  • Syntax overview
  • Data types

Preparing the Development Environment

  • Installing and configuring GnuCOBOL
  • Installing and configuring Cygwin

COBOL Programming

  • Working with verbs in COBOL
  • Branching in COBOL
  • Applying statements and functions

Loops and Conditionals

  • Working with conditional statements
  • Using loops

Files in COBOL

  • Reading, processing, and writing to files
  • Checking for file errors
  • Working with master data files
  • Merging and sorting records

Tables in COBOL

  • Creating and searching tables

Data Handling

  • Filtering output and sanitizing input

Summary and Conclusion


  • Basic programming experience


  • Programmers
 14 Hours

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