Course Outline


Cumulus Linux Overview

  • What is Cumulus Linux?
  • Cumulux Linux features
  • Cumulus Linux architecture

Network Command Line Utility at a Glace

  • Introduction to NCLU

Preparing the Networking Environment

  • Installing Cumulus Linux

Cumulus Linux Quick Start

  • Managing the serial console and wired Ethernet
  • Configuring hostname and timezone
  • Configuring switch ports
  • Configuring a loopback interface
  • Rebooting switches

Installation Management

  • Managing disk images
  • Upgrading Cumulus Linux and packages
  • Backing up and restoring

System Management

  • Configuring ACLs
  • Configuring daemons

Layers and Switch Ports

  • Configuring network interfaces and DHCP
  • Working with the PTM tool
  • Configuring MLAG, LLDP, VRR, and more
  • Configuring routing

Network Virtualization

  • Abstracting virtual networks
  • Working caveats and erratas
  • Extending layers


  • Monitoring systems
  • Managing log files


  • Troubleshooting network interfaces
  • Conducting network troubleshooting

Summary and Conclusion


  • An understanding of networking


  • Network Engineers
  • Network Administrators
  14 Hours


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