Course Outline


Data management is the process of storing and processing data. In the context of the enterprise, data management can take on a much bigger dimension. The amount of data and the speed at which it should be processed, secured, shared, analysed, etc. is critical.

This course is aimed at entry level engineers. It explains the various technologies, tools, architectures, and design methodologies used to manage large volumes of data.  We discuss traditional forms of data storage such as relational databases, as well as newer, less structured approaches.

Traditional file systems are compared to distributed file systems, and traditional server architecture is compared to clusered server architecture, all within the context of managing and processing big data across distributed systems.

Hands-on exercises and tests will be carried out by the attendees, followed by coaching from the instructor and discussion among the group.

Major topics will include:





Data hub




Business Intelligence

Data Architecture


  • General idea of databases
  • Some programming experience
  35 Hours


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