Course Outline


Overview of Cloud Financial Management or FinOps

  • Core principles
  • Traditional versus cloud financial management
  • Phases and their functions

Using Cloud Technology for Financial Management

  • The cloud economy
  • Cost drivers

Building a FinOps Team in an Organization

  • Team principles and structure
  • Role and responsibilities in the organization

Learning About FinOps Capabilities Architecture

  • FinOps activities and culture
  • Maturity model
  • Operating model

Exploring Cloud Billing Platforms

  • Existing platforms
  • Account management tasks
  • Cost management tools

Understanding the FinOps Lifecycle

  • Visibility and allocation
  • Utilization and rates
  • Continuous improvement and operations

Establishing a Successful FinOps Operations

  • Best practices
  • Cloud optimization
  • Leveraging AI capabilities

Summary and Conclusion


  • Knowledge of financial management and operations
  • Basic understanding of cloud technology


  • Cloud administrators
  • Cloud architects
  • Technology heads
  • Financial analysts
  7 Hours


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