Course Outline


  • Overview of Cloud FinOps Certification
  • Certification prerequisites

Fundamentals of Cloud Computing

  • Understanding the challenges of working with Cloud
  • Cloud vs. traditional IT

Fundamentals of FinOps

  • What is FinOps?
  • Why use FinOps?
  • Understanding the FinOps principles
  • Overview of the FinOps lifecycle

FinOps Teams and Motivation

  • What is a FinOps team?
  • FinOps team skills, roles, and responsibilities
  • FinOps team culture and triangle
  • FinOps team motivation

FinOps Capabilities

  • Understanding the six pillars of FinOps capabilities
  • Aligning teams to resources
  • Best practices

FinOps Lifecycle

  • FinOps lifecycle phases and purpose
  • Understanding the basic processes in the FinOps lifecycle

Cloud Resource Pricing and Billing

  • Understanding the basic cloud, FinOps, DevOps, and finance terminology
  • Cloud Billing

Taking the Examination

  • Registration procedures
  • Tips and tricks for passing the exam

Summary and Next Steps


  • Basic understanding of how cloud computing works
  • Basic knowledge of at least one of the three main public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud)
  • Understanding of the core concept of using a pay-as-you-go consumption model


  • Cloud administrators
  • Cloud architects/engineers
  • Business unit leaders
  • Procurement specialists
  14 Hours

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