Course Outline

Module 1: Understanding Core Database Concepts

•Introduction core database concepts
•Define databases
•Example of relational database tables
•Introduce common database terminology
•Relational Concepts
•Referential Integrity

Module 2: Creating Database Objects

•Data types
•Data Objects
•DLL (Data Definition Language) Statements
•Creating Scripts

Module 3: Manipulating Data

•Using DML (data manipulation language) Statements
•Using SELECT Statement
•Using INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE to manage data

Module 4: Understanding Data Storage

•Designing Tables
•Creating and Modifying Tables
•Viewing Tables
•Deleting a Table

Module 5: Administering a Database

•SQL Server Security
•Securing Database and Objects
•Performing Database Backups
•Performing Database Restores


Background in Database Concept

  35 Hours


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