Course Outline


  • Introduction to the Developer tool
  • Brief Overview of Big Data Management
  • BDM 9.x & 10.x Architecture & Differences
  • Big Data Basics  Developer Tool Basics
  • Reviewing the Developer interface

Developing Physical Data Objects:

  • Introduction to the types of physical data objects
  • Using relational connections
  • Using flat file connections
  • Synchronize a flat file data object

Viewing Data:

  • Introduction to data views
  • Troubleshooting configurations
  • Reviewing logs
  • Monitoring activities

Developing Mapping and Transformation:

  • Mapping and transformation concepts
  • Core transformations
  • Developing and validating a mapping
  • Using transformations in a mapping

Working with Dynamic Scheme and Mapping:

  • Introduction to dynamic mapping concepts
  • Developing and running a dynamic mapping
  • Reviewing a mapping template


  • Parameter concepts
  • Using a parameter file
  • Using a parameter set Workflow:
  • Workflow concepts
  • Creating a workflow
  • Configuring a Workflow

Working with Applications:

  • Application concepts
  • Creating and deploying an application
  • Stopping and redeploying an application

Mapping Monitoring and troubleshooting:

  • Configuring and running a mapping in Native end
  • Hadoop environments
  • Execution Plans
  • Monitor mappings
  • Troubleshoot mappings
  • Viewing mapping results

Hadoop Data Integration challenges and Performance Tuning:

  • Describe challenges with executing mappings in Hadoop
  • Big Data Management Performance Tuning
  • Hive Environment Optimization
  • Mapping Level Tuning
  • DIS Level Tuning
  • Cluster Level Tuning
  • Hadoop environment and cluster tuning
  7 Hours


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