Course Outline


  • Overview of Spark and Hadoop features and architecture
  • Understanding big data
  • Python programming basics

Getting Started

  • Setting up Python, Spark, and Hadoop
  • Understanding data structures in Python
  • Understanding PySpark API
  • Understanding HDFS and MapReduce

Integrating Spark and Hadoop with Python

  • Implementing Spark RDD in Python
  • Processing data using MapReduce
  • Creating distributed datasets in HDFS

Machine Learning with Spark MLlib

Processing Big Data with Spark Streaming

Working with Recommender Systems

Working with Kafka, Sqoop, Kafka, and Flume

Apache Mahout with Spark and Hadoop


Summary and Next Steps


  • Experience with Spark and Hadoop
  • Python programming experience


  • Data scientists
  • Developers
 21 Hours

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