Course Outline


  • Stream processing vs batch processing
  • Analytics-focused stream processing

Overview Frameworks and Programming Languages

  • Spark Streaming (Scala)
  • Kafka Streaming (Java)
  • Flink
  • Storm
  • Comparison of Features and Strengths of Each Framework

Overview of Data Sources

  • Live data as a series of events over time
  • Historical data sources

Deployment Options

  • In the cloud (AWS, etc.)
  • On premise (private cloud, etc.)

Getting Started

  • Setting up the Development Environment
  • Installing and Configuring
  • Assessing Your Data Analysis Needs

Operating a Streaming Framework

  • Integrating the Streaming Framework with Big Data Tools
  • Event Stream Processing (ESP) vs Complex Event Processing (CEP)
  • Transforming the Input Data
  • Inspecting the Output Data
  • Integrating the Stream Processing Framework with Existing Applications and Microservices


Summary and Conclusion


  • Programming experience in any language
  • An understanding of Big Data concepts (Hadoop, etc.)
  21 Hours


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