Course Outline


Apache Kafka Advanced Overview

  • Clusters, brokers, partitions, topics, etc.
  • Architectural patterns of data flow

Kafka Security

  • SSL/TSL encryption
  • SSL/SASL authentication
  • ACL authentication

Preparing the Development Environment

  • Installing Apache Kafka
  • Installing and configuring Kerberos
  • Creating a server instance
  • Setting up Zookeeper
  • Testing configurations

SSL in Kafka

  • Creating an SSL certificate
  • Setting up an SSL certificate for the Apache Kafka application
  • Setting up an SSL certificate for clients

SASL authentication

  • Creating credentials
  • Setting up a credential for the Apache Kafka application
  • Setting up a credential for clients

ACL with Zookeeper and Kerberos

  • Setting up Zookeeper with Keberos
  • Creating ACLs with Kafka commands
  • Storing ACLs on Zookeeper
  • Creating principles
  • Configuring authorization on Zookeeper
  • Using security migration tool

Summary and Conclusion


  • An understanding of Apache Kafka


  • Software Testers
  7 Hours


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