Course Outline


Networking in Depth

  • Clients and servers
  • IP addresses
  • Network hubs and switches
  • Routers and firewalls

Linux Networking Overview

  • Linux NOS (Networking Operating System)
  • Cisco IOS Linux commands

Preparing the Development Environment

  • Setting up a GNS3 lab
  • Installing and configuring a Linux Distro

Linux Fundamentals

  • Working with files
  • Configuring permissions
  • Updating users, groups, and passwords
  • Managing processes

GNS3 and Linux

  • Working with network testing and internet testing
  • Replacing switches

TFTP Servers, DNS Servers, and DHCP Servers

  • Configuring and testing TFTP servers
  • Configuring and testing dnsmasq DNS servers
  • Configuring and testing DHCP servers
  • Testing with extra hosts

SDN Configuration

  • Working with OpenvSwitch and OpenDaylight
  • Creating Docker-based networks
  • Using Wireshark

Summary and Conclusion


  • A basic understanding of computers


  • Network Engineers
  14 Hours


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