Course Outline

Topic overview

  • Why I need them and what are High-Availability solutions?
  • Cluster concepts
  • ​What is MariaDB Galera Cluster and what it offers to my organization?

Galera Cluster Management

  • How to start with Galera - what should I now before installation?
  • Architecture and functionality
  • First steps - Installation
  • Going deeper - Configuration and Set-up
  • Almost like a pro - Administration
  • Performance
  • Operations and operation modes
  • Upgrade Galera
  • Backups and restoring
  • ​Controlling state transfer between nodes

Load balancing


How to deal with Galera multi- master configuration

Advanced features

  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Replication
  • ​Advanced configuration


Basic knowledge and experience as a MariaDB/ Percona/ MySQL Database Administrator

  21 Hours


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