Course Outline


Understanding Micro-Frontends

  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Features of micro-frontends

Splitting Applications

  • Splitting apps by feature
  • Splitting apps by section
  • Splitting apps by page
  • Splitting apps by domain

Implementing Micro-Frontends

  • Webpack Module Federation
  • Iframes
  • Using NGINX
  • Web components
  • Vue component libraries
  • Monorepos
  • Customized orchestrator

Using Micro-Frontend Frameworks

  • Single-spa
  • Frint.js

Using Vue.js to Build Micro-Frontends

  • Setting up the Vue.js environment
  • Building the application
  • Testing and debugging

Summary and Next Steps


  • Knowledge of web application development and frameworks


  • Developers
  14 Hours


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