Course Outline


MinIO Object Storage

  • Scalabilty
  • Cloud Native
  • Amazon S3 compatibility

MinIO Features and Architechture

  • Erasure encoding
  • Encryption
  • Continuous replication
  • Multi-cloud gateway

Preparing the Development Environment

  • Installing and configuring MinIO
  • Installing and configuring Hortonworks Data Platform
  • Installing and configuring Spark
  • Installing and configuring MinIO Client
  • Testing with MinIO Client

MinIO Server

  • Running MinIO Server with erasure code
  • Passing drive locations to start a distributed instance
  • Expanding an existing distributed setup
  • Running sample applications
  • Securing access with TLS
  • Adding endpoints
  • Enabling bucket notification
  • Migrating config and TLS certificates
  • Setting up configurations
  • Hosting multiple tenants

MinIO Client

  • Running MinIO Client
  • Adding a cloud service storage
  • Understanding the MinIO Client Commands
  • Adding shell aliases

MinIO Deployment with Kubernetes

  • Creating and updating distributed MinIO clusters with MinIO Operator
  • Using Helm Chart
  • Deploying with YAML files

Summary and Conclusion


  • Experience with shell scripting


  • Cloud Engineers
 14 Hours

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