Course Outline


Overview of Object-Oriented Programming

  • What is Object-Oriented Programming?
  • Why Learn Object-Oriented Programming?

Understanding Object-Oriented Programming Concepts

  • Understanding Classes
  • Understanding Objects and Instances
  • Understanding Variables
  • Understanding Data Encapsulation
  • Understanding Class Inheritance

Refresher on Python Programmming Language

Getting Started with Object-Oriented Programming with Python

  • Implementing a Simple Class in Python
  • Creating an Instance of a Class
  • Understanding Methods and Definition of Methods
  • Using the __init__ Method
  • Using the __del__ Method
  • Setting Public, Protected, and Private Members

Adding Methods, Attributes, and Properties to Your Class

Creating and Using an Object from Your Class

Using Class Variables versus Instance Variables

Using Super-Classes for Inheritance

Using Multiple Inheritance

Using Iterators

Adding Iterating Functionality to Objects Using __iter__() Method

Creating Your Project: Simulating a Banking System Using OOP with Python

Closing Remarks


  • Basic familiarity with programming
  14 Hours


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