Course Outline


  • What is a Queue?
  • Queue data structure applications
  • Priority Queue, Deque, and Circular Queue

Queue Implementation

  • Implementing Queue using Stacks
  • Implementing LRU cache
  • Implementing Stack using Queues
  • Implementing Deque
  • Priority Queues

Standard Queue Problems

  • Checking if the Queue can be sorted into another Queue
  • Using BFS for a graph
  • Level order tree traversal
  • Reversing a path in BST
  • Constructing a complete binary tree
  • page replacement algorithms program
  • Checking completeness of binary tree
  • Zigzag tree traversal
  • FIFO vs LIFO

Operations on Queue

  • Reversing a Queue
  • Interleaving the first half of the Queue with the second half
  • Sorting a Queue without an extra space

Other Queue Operations

  • Level order transversal in spiral form
  • Finding the largest and smallest multiple
  • The iterative method of finding the height of the binary tree
  • Implementing priority queue through comparator in Java
  • Finding the maximum level sum in binary tree
  • Queue-based approach for the first non-repeating character in a stream

Summary and Next Steps


  • Basic knowledge of object-oriented programming language


  • Developers
  7 Hours


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