Course Outline


Node.js Concepts

  • RAM vs I/O latency
  • Blocking vs. non-blocking
  • Syntax and logic

The Fundamentals of APIs and Their Functionality

  • Scalar types
  • Web Architecture Patterns: the composite pattern, proxy pattern, and facade pattern

REST Overview

  • Get option
  • Pull option
  • Post option
  • Delete option

Preparing the Development Environment

  • Installing and configuring Node.js
  • Installing and configuring Express.js
  • Installing and configuring MongoDB
  • Testing the installations

Node Modules and Package Manager

  • Creating a module
  • Loading a module
  • Using module functions
  • Creating event arguments
  • Extending event emitters
  • Installing a Node package
  • Using a package
  • Listing packages
  • Updating packages
  • Uninstalling packages
  • Publishing packages

Working with Express.js

  • Creating custom middleware
  • Using Express router
  • Filtering paths

REST and GraphQL API

  • Building a web server
  • Handling routes
  • Parsing HTTP requests
  • Calling endpoints
  • Defining schema
  • Adding input validation
  • Managing mutations
  • Adding variables
  • Handling errors

CRUD Operations Using MongoDB

  • Saving documents
  • Querying documents
  • Updating documents
  • Deleting documents

Authentication and Security

  • Creating and registering users
  • Generating tokens
  • Storing in environment variables
  • Protecting routes
  • Testing the authorization


  • Writing a unit test
  • Writing an integration test
  • Wiring a unit and integration test

Summary and Conclusion


  • JavaScript programming experience


  • Web Developers
  14 Hours


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