Course Outline



  • Overview of authorizations
  • Understanding authorization the elements of the authorization concept
  • Creating and implementing authorization concepts
  • SAP system authorization checks

Basic Role Maintenance

  • Maintaining user data
  • Defining role and authorizations
  • Defining custom roles
  • Creating composite roles
  • Creating reference and derived roles
  • Maintaining roles

Advanced Role Maintenance

  • Defining system user authorizations
  • Applying the special functions of authorization maintenance

Configuring Authorization Environment

  • Installing and upgrading role maintenance
  • Configuring and defining system settings
  • Configuring role maintenance
  • Analyzing missing authorizations
  • Transporting authorizations

Integration of Authorization Systems

  • Central User Administration (CUA)
  • Integration into organizational management

SAP Systems for Identity Management

  • Identifying different user sources
  • Planning SAP Governance, Risk, and Compliance (SAP GRC)
  • Compliant Identity Management (CIM)

Summary and Next Steps


  • Knowledge and experience in SAP systems
  • SAPTEC or SAP01


  • Product consultants
  • Product managers
  • Business analysts
 21 Hours

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