Course Outline


UI/UX Design in Depth

  • Typography
  • Color theory
  • Markups

Sketch Basics

  • Raster vs vector
  • Pages, canvas, and art boards
  • Sketch vs Photoshop

Preparing the Development Environment

  • Installing and configuring Sketch
  • Installing and configuring Invision Studio
  • Navigating the canvas

Introduction to Sketch

  • Writing user narratives
  • Creating mockups
  • Applying fonts
  • Handling colors
  • Designing the navigation
  • Using existing icons
  • Creating icons
  • Designing home content and the camera flow
  • Showcasing your design

Layers and Shapes

  • Interacting with objects
  • Hiding, grouping, and grouping layers
  • Adding and editing shapes
  • Drawing vector shapes
  • Pasting in the graphics
  • Working with styling

Text, Symbols, and Images

  • Adding text
  • Adding remaining text
  • Organizing symbols
  • Nesting symbols
  • Editing in BitMap
  • Applying styles to images

Managing a Design System

  • Managing a design pattern with Craft
  • Creating a Craft library
  • Importing a Craft library
  • Updating and managing a Craft library


  • Exporting art boards
  • Exporting presets
  • Exporting layers and slices

Summary and Conclusion


  • An understanding of UI/UX design


  • Web Designer
  14 Hours

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