Course Outline


  • What's new in Spring 5

Overview of Spring 5 Features and Architecture

Preparing the Development Environment

Creating an Application

Choosing a Configuration Style (Java-based, annotation-based, XML-based)

Understanding Dependencies and Dependency Injection (DI)

Reducing Coupling in Spring Core

Working with Spring Boot

Accessing a Database with Hibernate

Using Spring with JPA

Spring Transaction (TX) Management

Creating a RESTful Service

Reactive Programming Using WebFlux

Building the Application or Service

Testing the Application with JUnit

Debugging the Application or Service

Integrating with Existing Java EE Web Applications

Deploying the Application

Securing the Application

Migrating Existing Applications to Spring 5 (optional)


Summary and Conclusion


  • Java programming experience
  • An understanding of object-oriented design concepts


  • Developers
  21 Hours


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