Course Outline

Component-oriented programming

  • Design Pattern Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection
  • Architectural Overview Spring

Spring Application Context

  • Configuration files
  • Mapping objects

Factory components and its use

Programming in Spring AOP

The use of new technologies in the Spring

MVC Spring

  • Create an application using Spring MVC
  • Combining Spring MVC with Java Server Faces

Introduction to Hibernate

  • Architecture/Structure
  • The life cycle of objects and identify objects

Hibernate in Action

  • Mapping tables on POJO category
  • Construction of POJO category
  • Mapping properties of the columns in the tables
  • Establishing relationships between objects

Transactions in Hibernate

  • Local and global transactions
  • Overview of API transactions
  • Levels of transaction

Language HQL - Hibernate Query Language

Combining Hibernate and Spring applications


Since participants are expected to be familiar with programming in Java.

  21 Hours


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