Course Outline


  • vs React vs Vue.js

Overview of Svelte Features and Architecture

  • Managing application state without virtual DOM diffing.
  • Creating applications free from external dependencies.
  • Loading speed of a Svelte application

Getting Started

  • Overview of project folders and file structure
  • A simple a Hello World app.
  • Overview of Svelte Syntax

Creating a Component

  • Writing a template
  • Adding simple styles
  • Cleaning up the CSS rules

Running the Application

  • Running, checking, and updating the code
  • Adding conditionals and loops

Adding Interactivity to the App

  • Creating a user form
  • Processing user input
  • Binding UI elements and passing data
  • Handling other events

Adding Components to the Application

  • How components communicate
  • Navigating through different components through routing

Managing Application State

  • Storing data in the component
  • Storing data in a central location
  • Subscribing to properties

Fetching Data from External Sources

  • Accessing data from an API

Enhancing Usability

  • Working with Styles
  • Referencing CSS elements

Integrating Svelte Code into an Existing React Project

  • Deploying component level code with Svelte
  • Calling functionality from within a React Application

Summary and Conclusion


  • Javascrit programming experience


  • Developers
  14 Hours


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