Course Outline

Introduction to Symfony 4 for PHP code development

PHP Object Oriented Programming

PHP Classes and objects

PHP error handling with exceptions

PHP embedded in HTML (examples)

PHP coding and files naming conventions

Best Practices in choosing and using source code editors

What is the Symfony 4 framework? 

Installing Symfony 4

HTTP request processing workflow

Debugging PHP Code

Web Debug Toolbar / Debug and VarDumper components features

Web Profiler

Errors and exceptions stack traces 

Configuration / routes and URLs with annotations

Twig template engine / Twig template

Generating URLs based on the application’s routes configuration

PHP Controllers / designing a controller class with its action methods

Listing all built-in Symfony 4 services using command line tools

Types of tests / automating tests (unit and functional tests)

Querying a Relational Database System with Doctrine 

Building and executing custom SQL queries using the Doctrine Query Builder object

Closing remarks


  • An understanding of PHP and standard source file editors 
  • An understanding of Object Oriented Programming concepts and any MVC/MVP framework
  • An understanding of HTML where PHP will be embedded
  • Experience with general software installation and configuration
  • Familiar with any software framework and basic software testing
  28 Hours


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