Course Outline


  • How Unit Testing Works

Overview of Javascript Unit Test Frameworks

  • Jasmine, Mocha, Jest, Chai, QUnit
  • Unit test uses cases

Setting up the Testing Environment

  • Downloading and installing the libraries
  • Installing and configuring an IDE
  • Setting up a sample application

Writing Your First Unit Test

  • Setting up a test
  • Writing a test definition
  • Working with nested scoping
  • Creating assertions
  • Running the unit test

Debugging the unit test

  • Stepping through the code
  • Creating breakpoints
  • Setting up debug tasks

Expanding the Unit Test

  • Writing a complex Javascript class
  • Writing stubs and mocks
  • Creating a Test Suite

Implementing TDD and BDD

  • Creating automated specifications
  • Collaborating with users and testers

Writing More Tests

  • Testing Node.js
  • HTTP endpoint unit tests
  • Testing a REST APIs
  • Writing an integration test
  • Testing React components (optional)


Summary and Conclusion


  • A general understanding of unit testing
  • Javascript programming experience
  • Experience working with Node.js
 7 Hours

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