Course Outline


  • Selenium Automated Web Application Testing
  • C# and .NET

About Selenium WebDriver

  • Tools
  • Unit testing Frameworks
  • Supported Browsers

Installing and Configuring WebDriver with C#, .NET and VisualStudio

  • Using NuGet
  • Libraries and extensions
  • Organizing your file structure

Writing a Nunit Test

  • Import statements
  • Invoking the browser
  • Writing to the console

Identifying UI Elements

  • Chrome Developer Tools and other extensions
  • Regular expressions
  • Index
  • Xpath functions

Performing User Actions in WebDriver

  • Performing mouse and keyboard operations
  • Edit boxes, combo boxes, buttons, links, checkboxes and radio buttons

Capturing and Validating Data from Web Page

  • Asserts and execution flow

Other Operations

  • Mouse events
  • Screenshots
  • Executing Javascript

Frames, Alerts and Multiple Browser Windows

Using C#'s Built-in Functions

  • Strings
  • Date and time
  • Files and folders
  • Math operations

Exception Handling

  • C# .Net
  • Webdriver


  • Implicit vs Explicit waits
  • Fluent waits

Working with Page Objects (POM)

  • Refactoring
  • Developing a library of pages (POMs)

Testing Structure

  • Nunit Fixtures, Nunit Traits and Categories, Playlists

Helper Libraries

Data-Driven Testing

Selenium IDE and Selenium Grid


Summary and Conclusion


  • Familiarity with Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Working knowledge of C#.


  • Developers and testers with knowledge of C# who wish to set up automating testing with Selenium
  14 Hours


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