Course Outline


  • Overview of the Vaadin framework
  • Understanding the Vaadin architecture

Getting Started

  • Downloading and setting up a Vaadin project
  • Understanding the Vaadin UI

Using Vaadin

  • Creating components
  • Accessing the database
  • Modeling and binding data
  • Using FieldGroup and validators
  • Utilizing and providing files, images, and other resources
  • Using built-in themes and creating custom themes
  • Extending Vaadin with add-ons

Developing Applications

  • Creating applications with Vaadin TouchKit
  • Understanding the Vaadin flow security architecture
  • Deploying applications to production


Summary and Next Steps


  • Basic Java programming skills


  • Java Developers
  • Programmers
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to use Vaadin
  14 Hours

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