F#: Introduction to Functional Programming

  14 hours

F# for Data Science

  21 hours

Unit Testing with F#

  7 hours

Property Based Testing with F#

  7 hours

That it covered a lot of the "oddities" of F#, it's functional and data 'manipulation' state, when compared to C#, it's object and state 'changing', was useful to know as it makes the code of F# more readable when you know what is happening to the data that is being passed around.

- Blueprint Design Company Ltd [F#: Introduction to Functional Programming]

I really liked that there were a lot of practical exercises in which you could put the learned immediately into action.

Daniel Bubla [Clean Code]

The atmosphere was very nice, much more relaxed conversation than classic teaching style. Also, several of the techniques, especially those I doubt would hold up or be worth it (effort-gain-wise) under “real world” work conditions (as mentioned above) made me reflect on my coding style, and why I do or don't do some things (both on topics presented int he course and related ones), which I don't do that often (needed the impetus) but is really useful, even if I come to the conclusion that my style already suits my needs well.

Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions GmbH [Clean Code]

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