Introduction to JavaServer Faces

  14 hours

His very good knowledge and experience.

Jérémy Coppe [Java Programming]

Benchmarking GC

Marek Mrowca [Java Performance Tuning]

I liked how the trainer explained the subject. Providing real life example is beneficial.

Rhearose Holonowicz [Java Programming]

I really liked the Crypto part

Carlos Ibarra [Avanzado Java, JEE y Seguridad de Aplicaciones Web]

I liked the very practical scenario and lot of hands-on exercises.

Michel PRAYAG [Java fundamentals with Maven]

I liked the high number of exercises.

  [Unit Testing with JUnit]

I genuinely liked the real world scenarios.

Michail Alvanos [Java and Web Application Security]

I genuinely liked the organization.

Panagiotis Foutros [Java and Web Application Security]

Very good knowledge and character.

Constantinos Michael [Java and Web Application Security]

I mostly enjoyed the lambda expressions.

HSBC Service Delivery (Polska) Sp. z o.o. [Java Programming]

Very friendly and helpful trainer, kept asking if anyone needed any help.

Assim Ali - MHT Technology Ltd [Java Programming]

The OWASP overview, especially slides with the specific examples of attacks. OWASP Zap tool.

- Corvil [Secure Developer Java (Inc OWASP)]

I saw some security risk being easier to use than I expected It helped us to find some security holes in our Product

- Corvil [Secure Developer Java (Inc OWASP)]

Though an online training, the interactivity with the trainer was remarkable and was always available to provide valuable sources to complement the training. I am very satisfied.

Nuno Marques - MULTICERT, S.A. [Functional Reactive Programming with Java 9 and RxJava]

the exercises

AFRINIC Ltd. [Java Intermediate and Advanced ]

Trainer willing to prepare the hands on materials based on request during the training.

Kim Loong Lee - Intergraph Process, Power & Marine [Java Fundamentals]

The exercises

Florin Mazilu - Unicredit Business Services S.C.p.A. Milano, Sucursala Bucuresti [Unit Testing with JUnit]

Trainer is very well prepared and accommodate for the training topics to suit our needs.

Intergraph Process, Power & Marine [Java Fundamentals]

Very professional training, it did help a lot that the trainer is skilled in the programing language.

Cosmin Rechisan - Aptiv Technology Services & Solutions [Java Programming]

Very professional and skilled trainer.

Cosmin Rechisan - Aptiv Technology Services & Solutions [Java Fundamentals]

The methods which we can use to significantly improve the performance of our java applications.

AquaQ Analytics [Java Performance ]

-code examples really helped with understanding -Fulvio came across as very knowledgeable and explained everything thoroughly

Paul Doherty - AquaQ Analytics [Java Performance ]

Trainer was good at talking through topics in details and making it easy to understand

Lewis Nangle - AquaQ Analytics [Java Performance ]

Hatef's wide knowledge

infeurope S.A. [Java Fundamentals]

practice and installation and use of derivative components needed for training (mysql, tomcat etc.)

Grzegorz Winiarski [Programowanie w języku Java]

communicative way of conducting, simple and understandable language, translation to effect

Agata Wodecka-Barejko [Programowanie w języku Java]

I liked the high number of exercises.

  [Unit Testing with JUnit]

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