Course Outline


Overview of DevOps Practice Within Businesses

  • How is DevOps different from traditional IT practices?
  • Terms and technologies of DevOps
  • Agile methodologies that are applied in DevOps

Overview of Azure DevOps Features and Architecture

  • The Azure DevOps Server
  • Hosted v.s. on-premise Azure DevOps
  • Azure DevOps for end-users
  • Azure DevOps for administrators

Setting up and Configuring Azure DevOps for Development

Utilizing Value Stream Map for Evaluating Existing Development Processes

  • Migrating to Azure DevOps

Overview of Azure DevOps Core Services and Tools

  • Choosing the appropriate Azure DevOps services for the business

Planning and Tracking Software Development with Azure Boards

  • Utilizing built-in scrum and agile tools in Azure Boards
  • Working with Azure Boards dashboard widgets
  • Monitoring project status with Azure analytics tools
  • Optimizing transparency and cooperation of teams with Boards
  • Integrating Azure Boards with Existing GitHub Repositories

Hosting Git Repositories and Collaboration Using Azure Repos

  • Creating repositories and version control with Azure Repos
  • Connecting with a push code through secure Git client support
  • Building REST APIs and webhooks in Azure Repos
  • Creating development environments and performing pull requests
  • The code-aware search feature of Azure Repos
  • Cleaning up and maintaining repositories

Building and Deploying Software with Azure Pipelines

  • Implementing continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD)
  • Configuring Azure Pipelines with preferred language and OS
  • Utilizing build chaining and multi-phased builds in Pipelines
  • Working with Azure Pipelines registries
  • Deploying containers to Kubernetes or any cloud

Implementing Integrated Package Management Using Azure Artifacts

  • Creating and sharing code packages in Azure Artifacts
  • Managing package types with universal artifact management
  • Organizing and securing public and private source code packages
  • Adding packages to CI/CD pipelines with Azure Artifacts

Testing and Optimizing Code Quality with Azure Test Plans

  • Planned manual testing v.s. exploratory testing
  • Executing the right type of test for enterprise applications
  • Capturing and analyzing data using Azure Test Plans
  • Utilizing the end-to-end traceability feature of Azure Test Plans
  • Taking proper actions to solve the identified code defects

Integrating Azure DevOps Services with Other Extensions


Summary and Conclusion


  • An understanding of Agile software development methodologies
  • Knowledge of any scripting programming language
  • Basic experience with system administration tasks
  • Knowledge of GitHub workflow and repositories


  • DevOps Engineers
  • Developers
  • Project Managers
 14 Hours

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