Course Outline

Overview of Bots
Understanding the Microsoft Bot Framework

  • Using the Bot Builder
  • Using the Bot Connector
  • Using the Developer Portal

Understanding Azure Cognitive Services
Digging Deep into the Bot Builder SDK for .NET

  • Using Activities
  • Using Dialogs
  • Using FormFlow
  • Managing State Data

Designing Bots Using Bot Patterns

  • Designing a Task Automation Bot
  • Designing a Knowledge Base Bot
  • Using the Bot to Web Pattern
  • Using the Handoff to Human Pattern

Overview of Azure Bot Service
Using the Azure Bot Service to Develop Your Intelligent Bot

  • Setting Up the Azure Bot Service
  • Using a Predefined Template to Create Your Bot
  • Using the Develop Tab: Building Your Bot
  • Using the Channels Tab: Deploying Your Bot to a Channel
  • Using the Settings Tab: Configuring Your Bot's Settings
  • Publishing Your Bot into the Bot Directory
  • Testing Your Bot Using the Test Emulator
  • Managing Your Bots

Summary and Troubleshooting
Closing Remarks


  • A general understanding of web development concepts
  • Basic programming experience
  14 Hours

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