Course Outline

Introduction to Data Analytics for Marketing

The Importance of Data Analytics in Marketing Strategies

Installing and Configuring Tools for Data-Driven Marketing

  • Tableau
  • Google Analytics
  • Zarget
  • Instapage
  • Autopilot
  • Radius
  • TapClicks

Using Tableau for Seeing and Understanding Data for Marketing

  • Social Analytics
  • Web Analytics
  • Customer Data

Measuring the Impact of Your Marketing Campaigns with Google Analytics

Designing and Implementing Marketing Strategy Tests Using Zarget

Optimizing Your Marketing Spending and Tactics to Improve Results Using Instapage

Segmenting Your Marketing Audience Using Autopilot

Improving Response Rates through Predictive Modeling with Radius

Implementing Data Storytelling Using TapClicks

Summary and Conclusion


  • No programming experience required
  • Advanced computer literacy
  14 Hours


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