Course Outline

Overview of Agile Development and Its Advantages

  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Continuous Deployment

Benefits of Using Continuous Delivery
Understanding Continuous Delivery Pipelines
Overview of First Class Built-in Concepts
Overview of GoCD

  • GoCD Features
  • GoCD Pipelines vs. Jenkins Pipelines
  • Overview of Basic Concepts in GoCD

Installing GoCD

  • Installing the GoCD Server
  • Installing a GoCD Agent

Using GoCD

  • Using the Pipeline Dashboard
  • Using the Agents and Agent Details Pages
  • Using the Pipeline Activity Page
  • Viewing Stage Details
  • Viewing Job Details
  • Using the GoCD Admin UI
  • Viewing GoCD Server Details
  • Displaying Environments
  • Overview of the Value Stream Map

Creating a Pipeline

  • Naming the Pipeline
  • Pointing the Pipeline to a Material on Git
  • Defining Stages, Jobs, and Tasks

Finishing and Running Your Pipeline

  • Viewing the Stage Information
  • Viewing the Job Run Output and Details

Using a Pipeline as a Material for Another Pipeeline
Handling Artifacts

  • Publishing Artifacts
  • Fetching and Using Artifacts

Using Custom Tabs
Using a Value Stream Map
Understanding Fan-Out and Fan-In
Configuring GoCD

  • Managing Pipelines and Dependencies
  • Managing Agents
  • Managing Environments
  • Labelling and Scheduling Pipelines
  • Parameterizing a Pipeline
  • Customizing Pipeline Labels
  • Cloning a Pipeline
  • Locking a Pipeline
  • Adding Material and Stage to Existing Pipeline
  • Adding Job to Existing Stage
  • Adding Task to Existing Job
  • Using Pipeline Templates
  • Creating a Manual Pipeline
  • Managing Users and Authentication
  • Pipeline Group Administration
  • Setting Up Notifications

Summary and Troubleshooting
Closing Remarks


  • Basic programming experience
  • Familiarity with Agile Development
 7 Hours

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