Course Outline


  • What is GraphQL?
  • History
  • GraphQL vs. REST
  • Main features and benefits for clients
  • Security features

Understanding Core Concepts

  • Schema Definition Language (SDL)
  • GraphQL terms (types, fields, schema, mutations, promises, subscriptions)

Understanding the Mechanism

  • Architecture (clients, server)
  • Tools (GraphiQL, Launchpad)

Setting up the Environment

  • Building a GraphQL server
  • Building GraphQL features in a GraphQL server
  • Creating and defining a GraphQL application schema
  • Executing your first GraphQL query

Working with GraphQL

  • Fetching data with queries from multiple databases
  • Working with mutations to add, update, and delete items
  • Keeping the client in sync with mutations
  • Using GraphQL subscriptions to build a newsfeed
  • Advanced queries with arguments, aliases, and fragments


Summary and Conclusion


  • Understanding of programming and databases
  • Understanding of Javascript basics


  • Web developers
  • Administrators
  7 Hours


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