Course Outline


Overview of HTML5, Javascript and CSS3

  • Interactivity, sending, receiving, and storing data, styling, etc.

Planning a Well Structured Application

  • Writing maintainable JavaScript code
  • Knowing what APIs to call

Getting Started

  • Setting up the Development Environment
  • Creating a Sample Application

Implementing Programming Logic

  • Defining and Using Variables
  • Performing Looping and Branching

Developing the User Interface

  • Creating a Form
  • Adjusting the UI for different devices
  • Adding Animations to an HTML5 Page

Managing Data

  • Capturing and validating User Input
  • Storing Data
  • Passing and Receiving Data

Testing the Application

  • Preparing test data and actions to simulate users
  • Fixing errors
  • Automating the testing process
  • Debugging the application

Extending the Application

  • Supporting offline operations
  • Adding advanced graphics
  • Optimizing the app's performance

Deploying the Application

  • Choosing a Host
  • Monitoring the app's performance
  • Updating an application in production


Summary and Conclusion


  • An understanding of how the web works (web servers, web clients, the internet, etc.)
  • No programming experience needed


  • Beginner programmers
  35 Hours


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