Course Outline


Overview of IBM Tivoli Features and Architecture

  • Key components
  • Service packages
  • Tivoli management services architecture

Getting Started with IBM Tivoli

  • Download and installation
  • Customizing components
  • Initial configurations

Deploying the Tivoli Environment

  • Pre-deployment planning
  • Disaster and recovery configuration
  • Agent deployments
  • Project management

Managing the System Using Tivoli Monitoring Server

  • Data collection, distribution, and storage
  • Connection, commands, and alerts management
  • Hub monitoring server

Monitoring Products Using Tivoli Portal Server

  • Retrieving data from agents
  • Real-time data collection
  • Browser and desktop clients
  • Extended services

Storing Information with Tivoli Data Warehouse

  • Short-term and long-term data storage
  • Warehouse proxy agent
  • Summarization and pruning agent

Updating Services with IBM Tivoli

  • TMS:Engine
  • Event synchronization component
  • Autonomous agents

Monitoring Lifecycle Performance and Services

  • Automation server
  • Registering resources types
  • Performance monitoring service provider
  • Tivoli Performance Analyzer


Summary and Conclusion


  • Experience in system management and operations


  • System administrators
  • Systems analysts
  • IT managers
 7 Hours

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